Barcelona Allergist

Our allergy clinic, PB Clinical, is located in the centre of Barcelona on Rambla Catalunya.

Video consultation

Our initial video consultation determines whether you need specialized allergy care.

Paediatric Allergy

Specialists in child food allergies (milk, egg, fish, and fruit), chronic bronchitis (frequent colds and congestion), and atopic dermatitis.

We diagnose and treat allergy disorders and problems in Barcelona. Visit our clinic specialties for more information.

Tratamos las alergias desde un enfoque global. Nuestros procedimientos diagnósticos diseñan programas específicos para cada paciente.

Especializados en alergias ambientales, alimenticias, dermatológicas y farmacológicas.

We will perform all the tests required to treat your allergies and intolerances.

Our medical team works with the top allergists in Barcelona.

Diagnoses of immune system illnesses and food intolerance.

Specialists in clinical immunology and allergy treatment in Barcelona.